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Dentures in Dracut

person smiling holding dentist mirrorDentures are a good choice for people who love to smile, but are missing several teeth. A more conservative option, dentures help you reclaim your smile. At Dadiala Family Dentistry, we’ll help you find the best solution for your oral health and financial situation.

A Comfortable Option

Dentures can either replace all your teeth or a few, which are known as partial dentures. Full denture sets may be attached to the original tooth or to implants for a more secure attachment. Both types of dentures may require removal of some teeth or other adjustments to give you a perfect feel and fit. The good news is that today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than those in the past.

What to Expect

We begin by taking an impression of your teeth, which is used to custom-make your dentures. If any extractions are necessary for your full set, a temporary denture is placed to speed healing and provide “teeth” while your gums heal. After you heal, a final denture is prepared, usually within six-twelve months.

Partial dentures for missing teeth are attached to existing teeth with anchors made of plastic or metal. Our dentist makes every effort to ensure the comfort of your “new teeth,” but it’s expected you’ll need a little time to get used to them. Our dentist will make adjustments, as needed, until you’re satisfied.

Care and Maintenance

Both full and partial dentures are removed at night before you go to sleep, so your saliva can “wash” over your gums to maintain a healthy mouth. It’s very important to give your gums and palate a chance to relax and release.

We’ll provide a solution to put in the water you soak your dentures in each night to keep them clean and bacteria free. As with any dental appliance, good oral health is important to maintain your dentures and, in the case of a partial, the remaining teeth. Preventing further decay may allow you to keep your dentures longer.

Dentures can last between 5-10 years, with proper care. Because there are constant changes in the bone over time, there can be shifts as the dentures get old, affecting the fit. At that point, a new set of dentures is recommended.

Find Out More

Let’s chat about dentures and other options to restore your smile. Book an appointment today.


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