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Dental Veneers in Dracut

person smiling with beautiful smileWhat Are Veneers?

Your smile is unique, just like you. If discoloration, chipped, broken or uneven teeth aren’t reflecting who you are, veneers may be the solution for you which we offer at Dadiala Family Dentistry.

This cosmetic procedure helps correct the appearance of healthy teeth that may be too dark, show stains from tetracycline use, or have other imperfections. Veneers are a sensible option to brighten your smile.

Veneers are custom-made, wafer-thin layers usually made of porcelain or composite that form a shell over the front of the tooth. Commonly used on the front teeth, they improve the look of your teeth by changing the color, shape, size, or length of your teeth once bonded in place.

What to Expect

To prepare for your veneers, our dentist cuts off the bare minimum amount of tooth, trying to stay on the enamel layer, leaving the dentin alone. Similar to crowns, inlays, and onlays, molds are taken of the teeth being repaired and sent to the lab for production.

Once they’re received back in our office, your teeth will be cleaned to enhance the bonding process. We use a tooth-colored adhesive to cement them in place. The new veneer will be buffed to blend in with your other teeth.

Which Type of Veneer Should I Choose?

As a conservative dental approach to cover teeth imperfections and fill in the gaps, porcelain veneers are an ideal choice because

  • Very little of the actual tooth enamel is removed
  • They provide a natural-looking alternative that’s less expensive than crowns
  • They are strong and stain-resistant
  • With proper oral care, they can last for 10+ years
  • The procedure produces very little pain or discomfort

Composite veneers are a more budget-friendly option than porcelain veneers, but the average lifespan for this option is only 5-7 years before you need to replace them. Following good oral hygiene practice—brushing, flossing, and using antiseptic mouthwash—as normal, can help your beautiful new smile last for years!

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